Improve your relationship with your body and use it as a tool to help you relax.

Feel inspired to create a life worth living through healing old trauma and grief.

Learn how to create space for yourself so you can better show up for others.
Experience comfort in your practice free from expected outcomes.

Our style of lifestyle meditation is non denominational and rooted in mindfulness with most sessions including breath work, body scanning and a period of silence.

Our goal is to help you slow down and transform your daily  rituals through healthy lifestyle and holistic healing.

Awaken Your Senses
Release old mindsets and break free from limiting beliefs with the power of unlocking held emotions in the body.

The oils can be diluted for clients with sensitive skin and will include a discussion beforehand to tap into what patterns you would like help shifting.

The use of positive affirmations, mantra and intention directs this healing process. You will feel comfortable throughout and leave physically taller and deeply relaxed.
This treatment is very powerful and appropriate for those who want to experience physical relaxation combined with the unique wisdom of essential oil therapy. 

It further  brings a reset to the mental, physical, energetic and spiritual bodies and allows for parasympathetic activation.
Choose Intimacy
Increase your vibrational frequency by allowing parasympathetic response, brainwave balancing, immune boosting, anxiety reduction, improved sleep, resolving past trauma, and coming from a place of choice instead of feeling stuck in a stress response.

Where the body craves release, you will feel it. Reduce stress and improve your life with the ability to relax fully.


Deepen your yoga practice by connecting with the power and wisdom of your breath while exploring your mind/body connection.

We highlight the restorative aspects of yoga while reclined and playful curiosity during a more physically challenging flow. 


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